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Master of Science in Process Engineering

The Master program integrates in-depth knowledge of core areas of process engineering such as biotechnology, particle technology, separations, transport and reaction processes with mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, and biology. The Master in Process Engineering prepares students to play a key role in the development of new materials, sustainable energy systems, technologies to mitigate climate change and to reduce pollution and processes for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

You will study: Advanced Materials, Micro and Nanosystems and Processes, Particle Technology, Separation Processes, Sustainable Energy Systems, Transport Processes and Reactions

Meet the people

Manufacturing human tissue

Oksana Dudaryeva and Giovanni Bovone are manufacturing synthetic tissues and drug delivery systems. Read more

Process Engineering for world food

Calvin Grieder

Alumnus Calvin Grieder, President of the Board of Directors of Bühler AG, about why he studied Process Engineering. Read interview

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Sealing leaks in the stomach or intestine

Electronics with a sense of smell

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